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Welcome to Baxter Fitness!

Baxter Fitness is more than a fitness club. We offer orthopedically sound, medically based exercise specifically designed for people who are fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty—even ninety years old (!!!) who wish to become or remain fit, active and healthy. We address the arthritic, metabolic, neurologic and cardiovascular limitations associated with the aging process… and combat them!

Our medically based program was originally designed in 1997 to work with knee and hip surgery patients. With endorsements from physical therapists, orthopedists and cardiologists to name a few, Baxter Fitness has grown to become a trusted, comprehensive and effective fitness-building program for people over 50. 

We have a wide range of members! They include:

Active folks who are fit and wish to stay that way, like golfers or tennis players who want to continue playing with strength and flexibility

People recovering from knee/hip replacement, or other surgery, who need safe, proven exercises to fully recover post rehabilitaion

Folks who want a fitness club, but don’t like the noise, crowds and sweat of clubs designed for young bodies

New retirees who may have let themselves go a bit over the years and want to regain energy and enjoy a higher quality of life

Anyone who wants to enjoy life with their spouses and grand kids with more energy and fewer aches and pains. 

Please read some of the remarkable testimonials of our members. They will warm your heart and encourage you to give us a try!

Here’s how our membership works:

In a supportive and monitored environment, styled to the tastes our members (no crowds or loud music!), we meet with every prospective member by private appointment. In three, 32-minute sessions, we work with you to fine-tune a program to your specific exercise needs. Using movements that increase muscle strength and flexibility, the smart machines in our gym protect your joints and enhance balance and coordination. Our strength machines utilize air resistance, no big clanking weights, and our bidirectional aerobic equipment is the best and safest in the world. 

Our Guarantee

Giving us a try costs absolutely nothing but your time! This includes the three free private appointments with a skilled trainer who will guide you through the gym and create your program! After these sessions, if you like what you see, you join – our memberships are monthly with no contract. If you don’t like it, we shake hands and thank you for giving us a try. 

Baxter Fitness is committed to improving the quality of life of its members. Please call for an appointment or stop in and see for yourself. You will be glad you did.

Member Feedback

I'm a 77 year-old man who believes it is important to stay fit. ... I've been going to Baxter's, usually 3 times a week, for over 4 years, and I haven't even thought of going anywhere else. Baxter's has met all my exercise needs, so why would I change?

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Mary Ann and Ken

Baxter Fitness gives me a comfortable place to build up the strength in my bones and muscles, and in my outlook.  I can be myself, and work on getting better in a safe and welcoming environment.  I look forward to my workout times and to seeing the people I meet there.

Joanne Kluge


I would like to let you know how pleased I am working with you and your great facility following my knee surgery and physical therapy. I knew I needed some conditioning, but wasn’t aware of how satisfying, handy and pleasant “working out” could be. I also wasn’t sure how much a 73 year old body could improve. I’m definitely feeling stronger and healthier with more energy each session. Thanks for being here.

Tom Dumont

I am a 65 year old retired pediatric physical therapist who has been talking up the benefit of physical exercise for years while avoiding gyms like the plague on a personal basis (though I have been an active hiker, skier, kayaker, yoga practitioner, etc.). Ten months ago I suffered a rotator cuff injury which has been both painful and limiting. My physical therapist suggested shoulder strengthening exercises. I went to see Andy who put me on a program of shoulder stabilization exercises and introduced me to various lower extremity and aerobic exercise equipment at his gym in Ashland. I have become somewhat of a gym rat, showing up 2-4 time per week and appreciating the gains in strength and tone. So the silver lining of my injury has been improvement in my overall physical being. It's never too late to get started in the gym. 

Kathy Roselli

Retired Physical Therapist

Documentary Filmmaker

Jim Martin 

Why would I want to work out in a fitness club for persons 50 years old and beyond? I didn't.  I thought. ... I am 63 years old and there are Baxter’s Fitness Solutions club-goers considerably younger and older than I. Our common ground is that we are all benefiting from working out in a safe environment that is conducive to strengthening our bodies, achieving improved balance and mental acuity and feeling better about ourselves. 

Read the many reasons Suzanne likes Baxter Fitness ... 

Suzanne Biondini

I have had four joint replacements and needed to attend a gym to keep my aging body in shape. ... I have now attended his gym for almost 7 years and it has been a life saver.

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Lynda Stevenson

In July of 2009, I walked into Baxter Fitness crippled by Plantar Fasciitis pain. ... Andy assured me that I would be able to strengthen the muscles in my lower legs enough to eliminate the pain. Sure enough within 8 weeks the pain was gone and I haven’t had a problem with it since. 

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Marilyn Fishwick

I worked with Andy as my personal trainer to deal with ITB friction syndrome and to work on hip pain and strengthening. His regimen is tough but effective, and he encouraged me to do moves that I was convinced that I could not do.

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Terry Stone

Many times I wake up thinking I’m not sure I want to go exercise this morning, but I know I should. Then I walk in the door of Baxter Fitness and am greeted by a friendly “hello” and the good feeling begins!

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Marilyn Chartier

At my age I needed to do something about my declining strength, energy and arthritis. I was very intimidated by the idea of a gym. But, I have found Baxter Fitness to be so friendly and positive that it became easy to make it a regular part of my routine. And best of all, I am seeing results after only a month. I seem to have so much more energy and I notice lifting things is easier, (as is) keeping up with my grandson and improvement in my arthritis.

Betty W.

Mary and I have been going regularly to Baxter Fitness for about 9 years. We have found it a friendly place, and the staff people are always ready to help when asked for information or advice. We credit this exercise program, in part, for our continued health and physical strength. After all those years, I can do a stronger workout than when I began, and I am now 79 years old. 

Jim Martin 

After being diagnosed with osteopenia, the doctor suggested I start working out. Baxter Fitness had helped me increase my bone density through the strength workouts. 

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Marilee Rodgers

Feedback from medical professionals

In working with Andy, his clients at Baxter Fitness and their medical providers, I have witnessed remarkable results and significant improvement in numerous medical parameters, across many organ systems. Baxter Fitness clients experience reductions in HgA1c, waist circumference, blood pressure and body fat. And most notable are improvements in neurocognitive function as assessed by their health care providers. I am a true believer in this unique and accessible method of exercise.  

Julie Kokinakes Anderson, RD

Site Director, Sunstone Medical Research

Andy Baxter's program can be performed in a short period of time by virtually anyone. As an active practioner of medicine, I can honestly say that I am increasingly amazed at how effective exercise is in treating almost any condition that I am challenged with in medicine. Andy's program is accessible to almost all of my patients. I strongly feel that most patients would benefit from this.

Patrick Honsinger, MD

Ashland and Talent, Oregon

Andy Baxter provides a high level of care for my patients over 50. His extensive knowledge of the physiology of rehabilitation and training is apparent in his work, but what makes him special is his gift for imparting much of that knowledge to the patient with ease and clarity. His manner and approach are clearly influenced by the kind of professionalism that comes from his background as a world class athlete.

Craig C. Chow, M.D.

Fitness after 50 is a critical part of our wellbeing, both physically and mentally.  I have been attending Baxter’s gym now since 2005 and have found the hours great, machines excellent in providing well rounded fitness, and the atmosphere informal and congenial.   A great way to start the day.

Dr. Diane Williams

As a physical therapist at Jackson County Physical Therapy I have worked closely with Andy and his staff. Many patients who have received physical therapy at our facilities have made a transition to his facility with excellent results. Andy is caring, knowledgeable and fun to work with!

Dave Beaudoin, PT

Andy does superb work. His clients are giving great feedback regarding his programs: enthusiastically reporting improved strength, mobility, and overall wellbeing. Bravo! 

John Delgado, M.D.

After years of telling myself that I needed to get back to exercising and reading the exercise literature, but never quite managing to fit it into my schedule I finally took several of my patients advice and joined Baxter's Gym. Over the last year my stamina, strength and sense of well-being have blossomed exponentionally! I have joined a small cadre of early-risers there and the esprit d'corps of these dedicated 6am-ers keeps me coming back as well.

Patrick Wedlake, DO

Discovering Andy Baxter has been a game changer! His energy, drive and creativity have created a place where my patients can safely exercise and get stronger without injury. His desire to educate has been a key part of Medford Medical Clinic's shared medical visits for Bone Health, Healthy Eating and Healthy Weight. He is a great speaker and reaches out to help patients both as a group and as individuals. I learn something every time he talks...and it changes how I talk to patients. His willingness to really look at the effectiveness of exercise equipment has created a unique work-out center like Baxter Fitness which is unlike other centers. And I know he will keep researching, learning, and creating until he knows what really works. Baxter Fitness reflects this energy and passion, and keeps "upping" the game.

Jill Steinsiek, MD

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