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Andy Baxter

Andy Baxter, MES, PRCS
Founder of Beyond 50 Fitness

I would like to let you know how pleased I am working with you and your great facility following my knee surgery and physical therapy. I knew I needed some conditioning, but wasn’t aware of how satisfying, handy and pleasant “working out” could be. I also wasn’t sure how much a 73 year old body could improve. I’m definitely feeling stronger and healthier with more energy each session. Thanks for being here.

—Tom Dumont

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Andy does superb work. His clients are giving great feedback regarding his programs: enthusiastically reporting improved strength, mobility, and overall wellbeing. Bravo!

—John Delgado, M.D.

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Welcome to Baxter Fitness!

Baxter Fitness is more than a fitness club. We offer orthopedically sound, medically based exercise specifically designed for people who are fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty—even ninety years old (!!!) who wish to become or remain fit, active and healthy. We address the arthritic, metabolic, neurologic and cardiovascular limitations associated with the aging process… and combat them!

Our medically based program was originally designed in 1997 to work with knee and hip surgery patients. With endorsements from physical therapists, orthopedists and cardiologists to name a few, Baxter Fitness has grown to become a trusted, comprehensive and effective fitness-building program for people over 50.

We have a wide range of members! They include:

Please read some of the remarkable testimonials of our members. They will warm your heart and encourage you to give us a try!

Here’s how our membership works:

In a supportive and monitored environment, styled to the tastes our members (no crowds or loud music!), we meet with every prospective member by private appointment. In three, 32-minute sessions, we work with you to fine-tune a program to your specific exercise needs. Using movements that increase muscle strength and flexibility, the smart machines in our gym protect your joints and enhance balance and coordination. Our strength machines utilize air resistance, no big clanking weights, and our bidirectional aerobic equipment is the best and safest in the world.

Our Guarantee

Giving us a try costs absolutely nothing but your time! This includes the three free private appointments with a skilled trainer who will guide you through the gym and create your program! After these sessions, if you like what you see, you join – our memberships are monthly with no contract. If you don’t like it, we shake hands and thank you for giving us a try.

Baxter Fitness is committed to improving the quality of life of its members. Please call for an appointment or stop in and see for yourself. You will be glad you did.